Rooting device and extracting data

Disclaimer Performing the actions in this (and following) posts might damage your device. Do it at your own risk on a device that you own. You’ll also likely lose warranty, if the device is still covered. You have been warned. Less destructive attempts It might be weird to some, but I have actually never had… Continue reading Rooting device and extracting data

Before your device arrives

There is a lot you can do without a device. In this post we will examine some of that. Get the basic hw info You’ll need to get basic device information from a place like (N100 page, N10 page). Also you’ll need basic familiarity with QCom chip naming from this wiki page. From there… Continue reading Before your device arrives

Hello World

In this blog I’ll try to document my journey in bringing mainline Linux support for OnePlus Nord N100 and N10 phones (hopefully more down the line). WTF OK, so what does all that mean? As you might know, Android is actually based on Linux, so every Android device contains a Linux kernel and a bunch… Continue reading Hello World